Top Knot Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Sleek Top Knot: 

Make a nice bun by twisting your hair into a high ponytail and wrapping it around the base. Finish with hairspray and bobby pins.

Messy Topknot: 

For a carefree, disheveled style, twist and loop the ponytail loosely around the base, letting some strands fall out.

Low-Top Knot:

Knot your hair in a low ponytail at the nape of your neck. Leave some face-framing strands and pin it.

Braided Topknot: 

Before forming the top knot, braid a portion of hair and wrap it around the bun base for a unique and attractive aesthetic.

Top Knot: 

Create a little top knot with the top piece of your hair, keeping the rest loose or done in soft waves or curls.

Top Knot: 

To add volume and structure to your top knot, use a texturizing spray or tease your hair at the crown.

Topknot with Bangs: 

Put your hair in a high or low top knot and let your bangs frame your face to soften the effect.

Double-Top Knots: 

Double top knots are stylish and fun. Make two high or low top knots. This look is fun and youthful.

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