Most People Should Avoid These Dog Breeds

Border Collies are herding geniuses! These smart, beautiful, and loving people will win your heart. Expect their boundless activity, herding instincts

They are longtime rescue and working dogs. Their calmness, patience, loyalty, and adaptability as family pets make them easy to love. However, their size

They are handsome, affable, and have a long history as Siberian working and companion dogs. People like them because of their charisma. 

German Shorthaired are cute, adaptable, and hunting-bred. But only dedicated owners can manage the high-energy, high-maintenance pleasure! A labor of love with these adorable pals. 

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A person calls Huskies bright, amusing, personable, kind, trainable, loyal, and good with kids and other dogs. Like cats, they clean themselves. 

Beautiful, loyal, intelligent Jindos are good hunters. They are highly autonomous, making training difficult. A 14-year-old Jindo owner says Jindos

can only be educated to follow intuitive norms. Careful of their intense hunting drive and reserved character, prospective owners. 

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