Your November Horoscope Is About Reflection

AriesPlan your vacation now if you've been wanting one. It'll be fun to plan ahead even when you're not ready to fly. Winter break is near. 

TaurusYour intuition is telling you the truth. This lets you explore your emotions to figure things out. The only catch is that your paranoia 

GeminiYour crush or significant other feels closer than ever. Do not flee when the atmosphere becomes close; use it to strengthen the relationship. 

CancerWhen you tackle one problem, additional appear unexpectedly. If you stay rational, you can handle these stressful situations. 

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LeoWith your imagination high, apply your art to create an own style. You probably won't need much work to realize your visions

VirgoWe can all get caught up in a moment, but it doesn't mean we have to stay there. In order to feel freer and more accepting of yourself

LibraNow is the time to set boundaries with others. When someone's actions touch you, you don't need to join their trip. Setting limits can help

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