Your Zodiac Sign Reveals Your Gilmore Girls Character. 

We should look at their zodiac signs since the show embraces astrology (even though Luke thinks it's absurd, he kept that Scorpio horoscope!). 

Taurus  I wouldn't be surprised if Lorelei had a Mercury in Gemini; she's certainly gregarious and can be a bit unconventional at times.  

She exemplifies the typical Taurus. The Taurus zodiac sign is noted for its tenacity and loyalty.  

Virgo:   Even if the idea of "living a double life" automatically makes Lane Kim think of Gemini, there is more to her astrological sign than just that.  

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You, like Lane, explore multiple options and don't enjoy being told there is only one right way to accomplish things.  

Cancer  Sookie St. James is the kind of friend who sticks by you through the good times and the bad.  

Her large heart is on display throughout the series, despite the fact that she might come across as too emotional at times. 

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